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AquaLight Calculator Developed for Aquarists

September 03, 2021

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There are countless types of fluorescent lamps. The most frequently used fluorescent lamps in aquariums are T8 and T5.

The first difference is that T8 fluorescent lamps are wider. They have a diameter of 26 mm, while the T5 is only 16 mm. One of the biggest advantages of T5 fluorescent lamps is that when using a 120 cm long fluorescent lamp, this fluorescent lamp has a power of 54W, while the T8 fluorescent lamp only has 36W.

The fact that the T5 fluorescent lamp means an aquarium cover does not need to be given so much. In addition, T5 fluorescent lamps have a 20% higher luminosity.

Fluorescent lamps can use Led technology. In the case of LED fluorescent lamps, it is necessary to realize that they work on a completely different principle and their performance can be many times higher at lower or comparable wattages than in ordinary fluorescent lamps.

I created this application for aquarists who need to calculate the optimal lighting for their tanks. I created the application in python using the PyQt5 library for GUI applications.

You can choose types of lamps in the aplication:

Download & install Application for Ubuntu (.deb package)

Download & install Application for Windows

You can find the source code in the repository on GitHub

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